Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Most Fashionable Shoes of Summer 2008. Resuming the Going Off Season.

Riot of color is the hit of the season that is going off. It concerns not only footwear but clothes, bags and accessories. But still parti-coloured footwear and accessories remain in fashion this season as well.

Fabulous ladies footwear and modern handbags can easily transform and update an outfit. Never underestimate the power of the correct shoes for an outfit. Great shoes, sandals, boots or special ‘take notice of me’ shoes, like these affordable tie shoes right from Dorothy Perkins, can take an outfit into the modernest moment. Colored shoes are shoes of this moment from Dorothy Perkins, Giovanni Battista Martini, Marc Jacobs, Cole Haan, Goyard and Gucci.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skirt Fashion. Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008)

In particular skirt shapes have been refreshed again, so the close fit trend seems new and fashionable. Tight and close fit skirts, high waist or low waist skirts are the hit of this season. The waist can be a focus of interest if you have a waist to show.
Stratch skirts or denim, cottone or woollen, one-colour or many-coloured, striped or checkered, leopard or just animal print - whatever you want, the only condition is the pencil shape.
The most fashioansble length is a little below the knees.

In solid grey or black plaid, its form flattering silhouette gives your conservatibe wardrobe a smart and sexy edge. It is made comfortable with a back zipper and walking vent.

Hot Tip - 2008 Must-have - Pencil Skirts

Close fit are always popular with women since they enable elegant movement. With time, whatever your age, the Fall of 08, is one you will probably recall as the Fall of elegance and sexuality in fashion trends.

Pencil Skirt Gallery (click the pic to enlarge)

Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Fashion Trends for Fall 2008 and Winter 2009 Checkered Clothes and Accessories

–°heckered Clothes for Fall 2008/9

–°heckered clothing is a fashion trend that has steadily grown this summer, and will continue to be prominent through the fall and winter. One way that the checkered trend is developing is that it now includes other similar design, for example, stripes, polka-dots and rhombuses. Another way that this trend is growing in momentum is that more and more accessories have checkered textures.

The secret of wearing a checkered based pattern fashion trend successfully, is to relate the volume of pattern to your personality. If you are normally an understated dresser, then select just a small checkered item. It may be as small as a money clutch purse like the Blumarine model left is holding. Or, it could be as lavish as the Blumarine designer coat or boots she is wearing.

If the full-on glamour look of checkered clothes is not for you, then checkered shoes or bag can be the perfect answer. Fhillip Lim, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood - checkered cardigan Autumn 2008 trends. In fact you will be amazed how many items in your wardrobe can appear instantly updated with an checkered clutch, or given an instant lift with some snazzy footwear.

If you prefer just to flirt with checkered as a passing fashion fad, then pop this inexpensive little cardigan into your weekly shopping trolley at Asda. It would swiftly uplift basic trousers, skirt or shift dress into Fall 2008.