Monday, November 12, 2007

Key Things of Fall 2007. What is in FASHION this season!

We have little chance to walk outside in autumn, but we do have all chances to go shopping.

The skirt or trousers with high waistline

And both of them is better. That style makes hips sexier, waist thiner, and step becomes more graceful. You can find such models middle class in shops and in expensive boutiques.

Rough knitted sweater.
Soft, warm and fluffy sweater is the best friend when it's cold. Prefer only natural materials and quiet colors like beige, chocolate, gray.

Coat similar to dressing gown.
Coat similar to your favorite dressing gown is very fashion, wide sleeve-kimono without a shoulderline, the big collar and below knees. Wrap up and fasten with a belt is enough, and you feel warmly and cozy.

Deep, ultramarine dark blue is color of the season. Get at least one thing of this color. Classical thin sweater that you can wear with a classical skirt and with simple jeans as well.

The Scottish chequered
It has came back - in a coat, boots, skirts, sweaters and even stockings. Everybody has to have a small slice of Scotland.