Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The main rules of a fashion-conscious woman.

A woman is unpredictable. Today she wants to be a society lioness, tomorrow she will want to be a country-girl or maybe a "bluestocking", in modern meaning of this word. There is a gooв news for women of fashion: winter 2009 tendencies let you be as different as you can amagine.

You should buy immediately:

Lacy panty hose, that is шт fashion again this season. Patterns can be various from simple netting to intricate floral ornament.

Bring back to wardrobe:
Leopard print clothing. It is a fashion trend that has steadily grown this fall, and will continue to be prominent through the winter and spring 2009. One way that the animal print trend is developing is that it now includes other animal skins, for example, cheetah, zebra, jaguar, ocelot, cow, giraffe or tiger.

Pay attention to:

Combination of red and blue colors and chequered clothes. English style is extremely fashionable this season. Checkered coats, handbags and scarf are the hit of this season.

Look for inspiration in:

Men's accessories. Put on an ascot without doubts. You will look very sexy wearing suspenders cuff links, studs and hat in man style.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Weather changes but we want to be fashionable and beautiful at all times and seasons.

Suede jackboots Fendi

Handbag Bottega Veneta
Threre are various styles of handbags to every taste – strict, business-like, pretty feminine or chic. Every woman will find her own style.

Girdle Fendi
The elements of this trend include fringed boots, folk-inspired tooled leather pieces, charm belts and jewelry, embroidery and paisley prints.

Grey dress best-seller RM by Roland Mourent
As we have already mentioned tartan and check are the trends of this season. We see plaid patterns on anything: skirts, jackets, dresses, blouses. Rather than the traditional red tartans, 2009’s check embraces a palette of muted greys, blues, greens and browns.

Shoes Stella McCartney
Winter 2008-2009 shoe trends are bold, sparkling and sometimes a little wild and extreme.

Blouse with a bow Burberry

Lacy skirt Diane Von Furstenberg
If you have chosen skirts instead of pants you should notice a change which fits in with the season. Skirts are longer a little just below the knee. Of course, miniskirts are very popular among young girls. But there are fewer of them now. Besides lace is extremely fashionable again this season.

Cardigan Vince
Winter is cold and of course you can't do without a warm cardigan. This season designers have returned pastel shades to fashion. It is chic and looks perfect on every woman.

Long waistcoat J Mendel
We have seen a lot of fur clothes as well as fur embellishments. Fur collars are extremely popular and are seen in many collections.

Tunic dress Аnna Sui
It is part peasant, part sex-goddess rock chic. It has its roots in traditional folk elements - particularly Russian ones - but it fuses in luxury elements and rock-chic attitude.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's very difficult to set our choice on one pair of footwear. There are too much shoes that are in fashion this season!

The variety of stylish boots and booties is so big that we don't know where to look first. Fashion of Winter 2009 sets a very difficul problem that we have to solve anyway :)
Varnish and sued boots, fringed cowboy boots, bright womanly booties, rough manly booties... No matter what style of footwear you choose it will be your perfect shoes and you will look pretty and fashionable.

1. Varnish red boots Bottega Veneta 2. Booties Marc by Marc Jacobs 3. Heeled booties Jil Sander

4. Boots Dries Van Noten 5. Blue sued booties Chloe 6. Brown sued boots Chloe

7. Booties Alexander McQueen 8. Booties Christian Louboutin

10. Red cowboy booties Chloe 11. Classic boots Jil Sander

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



The simple graphics.

Penciling eyes with black eyeshades is very popular again this season. Black and dark grey lines in make-up are very topical now. There is no need to shade the lines, clearness is the most important thing.

The pencil line has to run strictly along eyelashes. A whitish blank is a serious makeup mistake.

1. Eye shadow pencil Double Wear, Black Pearl, Estée Lauder 2. Eye pencil Le Crayon Khôl Black Carat, 024, Lancôme

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Equal adversaries.
As we know opposites are attracted to each other.
Black clothes perfectly get on with bright ones this season, laconic clothes get on with superfluous, tight-fitting get on with puffed clothes. The modernes designers and modellers are assured that all these shapes andstyles have the right to a life this fall-winter 2008-2009.

Gaudy colours: Dresses: Emilio Pucci, Shoes: Céline
Black colours: Dress: Jil Sander, Coco Chanel

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Pants Fashion 2009. TROUSERS Tendency.

Despite the resurgence in dresses, many women like to wear trousers everyday. Pants are practical for the business woman and manlike looks always change to classic style.

The 2 fashionable autumn styles are the easy high waisted flared pants from boot cut to the widest 1970s flares.

But the style getting attention is a slim line version of the peg-top trouser line, which was in fashio in 1980sn. These peg-top pants sometimes now called CARROT SHAPED TROUSERS taper to the ankle, and usually have tuck pleat fullness at the waistband. This style can be very flattering if you have a paunch. Note that too much fullness can make a woman look frumpy. Yves saint Laurent as the centre image shows, did it best. This was sharp and sophisticated designing.

So on-trend, carrot-shaped trousers are not easy to pull off. Experiment with the look and don this pair from H&M teamed with sharp shirts...

Finally the skinny leather pant is a catwalk fashion coming to a shop near you this autumn.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Shoes Tendency. Fringed Shoes are The Hit Of This Season Fall-Winter 2008-2009


Fashion Shoes 2009

Fringes boots, flats and pumps, bags and accessories are extremely fashionable this season. Pocahontis-style, with tassels and fashionable fringing on fall’s shoe-boots and winter footwear, and summer slingback sandals are very popular.

Gucci’s fall 2008 collection shows hobo shoulder bags and Russian Cossack-style long fringe-tassel boots with flying leather fringes on them. Fringed boots are the defining feature of the trend, with other details like studs and tooled leather adding to the crafty, bohemian feel.

From pendants to scarves and tassel belts, there is a big amount of products to choose from if you just want to get dressed in the trend.

Some say we have to blame Kate Moss for fringed obsession. She loves moccasin boots so much that it caused them to stay on the fashion top.

Paul & Joe Neo fringe high-heeled sandals, $600 and fringed gladiator sandals

2-Layer suede boots from Bebe demand attention in this high fashion.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

STYLE LESSONS. LADY BATMAN. Fashion Tendebcy 2009.

Tight pants, futuristic jacket and boots on a platform sole. In that superhero attire you will not be affraid of going on struggle against forces of evil.

You manage to reach from one side of the city to another in 30 minutes, despite of traffic jam, solving all business problems at the same time, taking your child from the school and not forgeting to help your best girlfriend with her love affair. A big city life means that you have to possess qualities of a real superhero. And though you can't fly like the Batman, top with "bat" sleeves and magic steel bracelets will help you to find supernatural powers.

1. Blouse, Roberta Scarpa 2. Pants, Blugirl 3. Little Bag, Chanel

4. Dress, Trussardi 5. Jacket, Malloni 6. Dress, Сéline

7. Skirt, Iceberg 8. Bangle, Louis Vuitton 9. Cape, Trussardi 5. Boots, Louis Vuitton

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Most Fashionable Shoes of Summer 2008. Resuming the Going Off Season.

Riot of color is the hit of the season that is going off. It concerns not only footwear but clothes, bags and accessories. But still parti-coloured footwear and accessories remain in fashion this season as well.

Fabulous ladies footwear and modern handbags can easily transform and update an outfit. Never underestimate the power of the correct shoes for an outfit. Great shoes, sandals, boots or special ‘take notice of me’ shoes, like these affordable tie shoes right from Dorothy Perkins, can take an outfit into the modernest moment. Colored shoes are shoes of this moment from Dorothy Perkins, Giovanni Battista Martini, Marc Jacobs, Cole Haan, Goyard and Gucci.

See the full gallery HERE

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skirt Fashion. Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008)

In particular skirt shapes have been refreshed again, so the close fit trend seems new and fashionable. Tight and close fit skirts, high waist or low waist skirts are the hit of this season. The waist can be a focus of interest if you have a waist to show.
Stratch skirts or denim, cottone or woollen, one-colour or many-coloured, striped or checkered, leopard or just animal print - whatever you want, the only condition is the pencil shape.
The most fashioansble length is a little below the knees.

In solid grey or black plaid, its form flattering silhouette gives your conservatibe wardrobe a smart and sexy edge. It is made comfortable with a back zipper and walking vent.

Hot Tip - 2008 Must-have - Pencil Skirts

Close fit are always popular with women since they enable elegant movement. With time, whatever your age, the Fall of 08, is one you will probably recall as the Fall of elegance and sexuality in fashion trends.

Pencil Skirt Gallery (click the pic to enlarge)

Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008) Pencil Skirt is The Hit Of This Season (Fall 2008)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Fashion Trends for Fall 2008 and Winter 2009 Checkered Clothes and Accessories

Сheckered Clothes for Fall 2008/9

Сheckered clothing is a fashion trend that has steadily grown this summer, and will continue to be prominent through the fall and winter. One way that the checkered trend is developing is that it now includes other similar design, for example, stripes, polka-dots and rhombuses. Another way that this trend is growing in momentum is that more and more accessories have checkered textures.

The secret of wearing a checkered based pattern fashion trend successfully, is to relate the volume of pattern to your personality. If you are normally an understated dresser, then select just a small checkered item. It may be as small as a money clutch purse like the Blumarine model left is holding. Or, it could be as lavish as the Blumarine designer coat or boots she is wearing.

If the full-on glamour look of checkered clothes is not for you, then checkered shoes or bag can be the perfect answer. Fhillip Lim, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood - checkered cardigan Autumn 2008 trends. In fact you will be amazed how many items in your wardrobe can appear instantly updated with an checkered clutch, or given an instant lift with some snazzy footwear.

If you prefer just to flirt with checkered as a passing fashion fad, then pop this inexpensive little cardigan into your weekly shopping trolley at Asda. It would swiftly uplift basic trousers, skirt or shift dress into Fall 2008.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Most Fashionable and Hottest Shorts of This Season

Top ten of modern and hot shorts of this season.
It is time to bring your legs out of hibernation, and this season is bitty bottoms will show them off beautifully.

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American Eagle Outfitters, Arizona by JCPenney, Liz Claiborne, Mimi Chica, Tibi, Victoria's Secret Catalogue.