Tuesday, August 2, 2011


BOHO-style is romantic, somewhat slipshod and relaxed. A girl dressed in BOHO style is independent, unprejudiced and always goes ahead without fear.
But how to achieve a boho-chic look? If you are interested in womens boho today here are a couple of tips how to have glamorous and bohemian look.

You're going to need to have a great pair of high boho heels to complete your boho look. The boho necklace is another thing that you can choose to be bold with. A necklace is too attention-getting so you need to ramp up the quality with a piece like this. You'll want to go for a large, bold necklace that really makes a statement.
The hat can give your wardrobe a hint of your bohemian style even when you aren't wearing a lot of the other pieces in your collection.

You will need a boho maxi dress to complete your full look. This is a long dress that's printed in the bohemian style. You'll want to keep the rest of your look fairly simple when wearing this piece because it makes a full statement all on its own. A little necklace will be enough to compliment this dress. It's worth buying a boho maxi dress that has a good fit and is made of a durable material so that you can wear it again and again. Again braids!Braids always look fashionable, chic and stylish.

The other dress that you will need is a boho mini dress. It's fine to get a laced dress as well. In fact, a great laced boho mini dress with a pair of sexy boho boots is a terrific outfit for the stylish woman. A lacy cloak on this dress hints at the boho style. This allows you to really play it up with the boho accessories if you want to and to show off your great boho heels without over-doing the look.

The stylish boho woman is going to need to be smart about choosing a handbag that compliments her bohemian style. What you don't want to do here is to be mistaken on the side of being too casual. Make sure that you select one that's made of high quality materials and that has a unique feature (such as the handle here). Choose a bohemian print, chic and "loud".

One of the things that you'll try to do when putting together a modern boho look is to avoid getting anything too gaudy. However, when you  are selecting some of the smaller accessories, it's going to be good to choose some bolder colors. Look for womens boho headbands like the one pictured here which have a bit of a hippie hint to them and may be bolder in color and print than some of the larger pieces in your boho wardrobe.

An important key element in bohemian fashion is the colors. Typical boho colors are Earthy Colors. So focus on black, brown, cream white, khaki and olive green as your main fashion color palette.

Wear affordable accessories and details! Bohemian fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Instantly transform a pair of jeans and a white tunic shirt into a boho outfit with a brown leather boho handbag, gold and layered necklace, ethnic embroidered scarf, multiple bangle bracelets, gladiator sandal shoes and so on.